On 17th November 2021 students from six schools all over Europe came together in Trondheim to revive a project that has been running since 2020. After the start of the project was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, us students from Lithuania, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Germany met in the Byåsen Videregående Skole in Trondheim to get an idea of how to further improve our Train as well as strengthen the interconnection between all the participating schools.

The starting event of the entire project was a dinner prepared by the students in Trondheim and it, along with the complementary lunches every day, was definitely a highlight. On the second day the project really took off with us all starting to think about the actual realisation of a manageable plan. After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we all took the public transport together and, upon arrival, we heard about the project’s history, the outline for our specific project and how we were going to work on it as well as how the project work will be structured. That evening we were also invited on a guided city tour of Trondheim, where we were taken around the beautiful city centre and learned about its long and rich history. Sights we explored included the Stiftsgarden, Nidaros Cathedral, the Old Town Bridge and the Old Harbour. Afterwards we explored some more on our own and ended the evening with our own dinner and some free time, as well as anticipation for the next day’s project start.

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