On Sunday, 1st May 2022, the five delegations arrived in Croatia to start the third project meeting in the “First School of Technical Sciences Tesla” in the country’s capital Zagreb. The first evening was giving all of us an opportunity to get settled and to have dinner together before starting work on our wagons again the next day.

Our first full day in Zagreb started with a very nice breakfast in the hotel before meeting in front of the hotel to start the half hour walk to the school. The weather in May in Zagreb was quite nice so it was beautiful to enjoy the sunbeams and the atmosphere. After arriving we got a warm welcome from our hosts as well as a presentation that gave us an insight into the country, the city and school. Afterwards we started working in workline A for two hours, dealing with the technical tasks in the project and then having lunch, a delicious meal made from potatoes, beef and fresh salad. This was followed up by a guided school tour in which we got to see the classrooms and workshops. We also got told some of the school´s history and the person it was named after: Nikola Tesla.

Afterwards we continued our work in the work line B and presented them to our classmates. It seemed like the work pace had picked up as everyone had a genuine idea of what the plan was and which problems required solutions. We stopped working at around 4:30 pm to receive a tour of Zagreb. There we saw the historic upper and lower towns, the historic Stone Gate, the Cathedral of Zagreb, the “Museum of broken Relationships” and received a lot of interesting facts and information about the history of this beautiful city. After the tour it was time to get individual dinners. Luckily we were already in the city center so everyone could easily find one restaurant or another to get something to eat and then individually travel back to the “Hotel International” to get a good night’s rest before the next day of hard work.

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